Creating value
Creating value
Benefits of a circular economy in South Australia

A shared vision

The report 'Creating value: The potential benefits of a circular economy in South Australia' is a first attempt at understanding what a more circular economy could mean for South Australia.

South Australia has provided leadership in managing waste and improving resource recovery since the 1970s, with innovative policies such as the Container Deposit Scheme and single use plastic bag ban contributing to a recycling rate around 80%.

Greenhouse gas emissions have been decreased to below 1990 levels whilst the State’s economy has grown by more than 60%, and nearly 40% of South Australia’s energy is generated from renewable wind and solar energy, which is the highest rate of any State and Territory in Australia.

Green Industries SA wanted to build on these foundations and find out whether a circular economy would be worth pursuing for our State, and they commissioned a consortium led by lifecycles to explore this question. Read more about how this analysis came about.

In a nutshell, the resulting study found transitioning to a more circular economy in South Australia could help create a significant number of jobs, whilst decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and stabilising energy use.*

Explore the positive outcomes for South Australia of pursuing a circular economy in three key areas:

What does this mean for South Australia?

If we keep investigating, we believe we can shift the economy.

We have gathered some stories of real people working in the circular economy in SA now on this website to show that this isn’t a pipe dream - it has started.

But we can’t get the critical mass to really shift things if we don’t work together.

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Creating value - The potential benefits of a circular economy in South Australia

* This report was prepared by the authors for Green Industries SA and the views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Green Industries SA.