Creating value
Creating value
Benefits of a circular economy in South Australia

Authors and credits



Lifecycles led a consortium of organisations to produce the report, 'Creating value: Potential benefits of a circular economy in South Australia'. Read more on this 'Behind the report'.


Lifecycles is an experienced provider of life cycle assessment research, consulting and training.



EconSearch provides research and consulting services in regional and applied economics


Colby Industries provides support to industry to implement lean production and resource efficiency in their manufacturing and production systems

University of Queensland: The Global Change Institute works to address the impacts of climate change, technological innovation and population growth through collaborative research and the Dow Centre for Sustainable Engineering Innovation fosters innovations in sustainable processes for the production and use of energy, water, food, and chemicals.



Our international expert committee were instrumental in reviewing our methods as well as our findings.

We thank them for their insight and support:



A number of organisations came together to make this project happen.