Creating value
Creating value
Benefits of a circular economy in South Australia
Whilst recent studies have shown a circular economy can create jobs and reduce carbon emissions in Europe, this report demonstrates that this is true in the Australian context.
— Anders Wijkman, Stockholm Environment Institute, Co-president of the Club of Rome

Carbon - greenhouse gases reduced

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The results of the modelling indicate that a more circular economy would reduce South Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by 27%, or 7.7 million tonnes of CO2-eq by 2030. This represents taking more than 1.5 million large 4WD vehicles off the road.

Whilst most of these reductions are achieved through efficient and renewable energy measures, almost a quarter of the improvements could be achieved by using materials differently. These figures include the “embodied” emissions contained in the goods and services imported into South Australia, ensuring that we reduce our emissions without passing them onto other Australian states or overseas.

If these projections were realised, it would also make a significant contribution towards South Australia’s target to reduce territorial greenhouse gas emissions by at least 60% of 1990 levels by 2050.