Creating value
Creating value
Benefits of a circular economy in South Australia

Energy - reduced impact

Energy use was also considered, as a key environmental and economic issue facing South Australia.

The modelling indicated that despite greenhouse gas emissions decreasing in 2030 business as usual projections (compared to 2014/15), territorial energy use increases by 30%, showing the importance of existing policy initiatives to move towards non-fossil energy sources.

The modelling results indicated that a more circular economy could cut the energy use in South Australia (territorial energy use) by 86 petajoules (PJ) compared to business as usual in 2030, or just over a 20% reduction. This improvement would not be enough to compensate for the overall increase from current demand, but would still reduce energy use by the equivalent of two power stations’ the size of Torrens Island power station.

Whilst implementing material efficiency measures contributed positively to reducing energy use, its effect was marginal at only a 2% improvement. The energy related measures provided the majority of the effect.