'It’s about being smart about what we want to do in the future' - Kat, Rawtec

'It’s about being smart about what we want to do in the future' - Kat, Rawtec


"Hi, my name is Kat Heinrich and I work for Rawtec as a Senior Consultant and in this role we advise governments and industry on how to become more resource-efficient.

"I also chair the International Solid Waste Association Young Professionals Group, which is a group of 70 young professionals involved in solid waste management from across the world, representing over 35 countries.

"My role at Rawtec is part of the Circular Economy in the way that we assist governments and businesses to come up with strategies and programmes to better manage their resources. So things like waste reduction programmes, things like recycling programmes ...

"I first heard about the Circular Economy through Green Industries SA, which is a State Government Agency in South Australia, which really takes the lead on efficient waste and resource management.  

"The reason why the Circular Economy is important to me as a person is, it’s about the future. I mean we know that we can’t continue consuming resources the way we do. It makes sense from so many different perspectives: an environmental perspective, a job’s perspective, climate change perspective, a food-security perspective…

"So, it’s about being smart about what we want to do in the future.

"So, in the next 5 to 10 years, I see the biggest change that we can make with the Circular Economy will be about (being) focused on food waste. So, food waste is such a huge issue in cities across the world, including South Australia. And it’s such a waste of resources. We generate so much of it and it needs to be recaptured and put into the carbon cycle again, as nutrients as compost into the soil. "


Kat Heinrich - Senior Consultant, Rawtec

With a background in consulting and a qualification in economics, Kat Heinrich regularly provides advice to organisations on a range of waste management, business and sustainability issues. Kat has undertaken key work for state and federal governments including Disaster Waste Management, state waste accounting and waste and resource recovery infrastructure planning.

Other areas of specialisation include delivery of waste audits and reviews, provision of waste management advice to architects/planners for new developments, and review of waste policy and services for governments.

Kat brings an international perspective on solid waste management. She is Vice Chair of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) Young Professionals group, and works with the group on a range of global waste initiatives.

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